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2003 demo.


released January 1, 2003

Evan - Vocals
Adam - Guitar
Ryan - Bass
Shawn - Drums



all rights reserved


Mutual Assured Destruction

Mutual Assured Destruction started in 2003 by a bunch of kids.Over ten years, a mountain of demos and countless obstacles we're still here fighting the Long War.

M.A.D is...

Vayne - Warchief
Raess - Recon / Guttural Chantings
Morgoth - Designated Marksman
Zangur - Grenadier
Roachis - Heavy Artillery
... more

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Track Name: Weapons Of Mass Deception
In times of war they seem to censor the press
Silencing witnesses appears to be the trend
The only broadcast nationalist views
Our people minds are being controlled by the news
They sit in front of the TV screens
Unaware of the manipulation behind the scenes
Being fed lies and playing their part
Active resistance is silenced before it starts

The news is just a tool, but you don't see its true
Their weapons of mass deception have been launched at you
You’re now no more than a robot, a drone with no views
With no one to stand and fight all of us lose
Brainwashed is what you are, fighting in their war
Their weapons of mass deception have hit you hard
You're a mindless puppet just another marionette,
if you don't think for yourself you're better off dead

Anyone with opposing views is imprisoned by the state
Your freedoms are being destroyed, a victim of their hate
Systematic murder of dissenting civilians
Has silenced the voices of hundreds of millions
To start a war, your government stabs you in the back
Then they say they're trying to prevent further attacks
Allowing them to impose their restrictions of your rights
We're all doomed unless we stand up and fight
Track Name: Imperialistic Ignorance
The stars and stripes mark oppression to all other countries
Who’ve suffered attacks from the US army
Millions of americunts who think they’re getting revenge
Mass conformity among the activists or they shall meet death
The war hawks are running the nation
Yellow journalism seized every state
Exploiting the fears of the people
Spreading the red white and blue plague

(Who are you) To tell them how to live
(Why must you) kill in order to live
(what makes you) better than them
(how can you) slaughter the innocent

The towers have fallen, so you get revenge
Fight for your country hate those who decent
We take our pacifists, stab them in the back
Denounce them as traitors so we can attack
Constantly taking what isn’t yours
Murder and genocide take its course
Slaughtering people to make them free
Creating invisible enemies